March 25, 2012

Singapore Goodies!

Today my brother came back here in the Philippines after almost two months of staying in Singapore with my other brother and his family. :) I can't recall anymore the last time I saw my pamangkins. Sobrang tagal na ba?  I miss them already! 

Those kids are so adorable they got me these goodies of which I'm really really thankful! <3

1. Chocolates of course! 
I mean, who goes abroad and comes back to Manila without any?
I love Ferreros. 
That moment when you bite a part of it so slowly that you hear the crunch and then nutella just melts in your mouth.........

" To Ate Bea :) "
then I saw this.

2.  Sugar overload is definitely happening this summer.

3. This next one is actually funny.
The words in this Oscars themed souvenir are so fascinating. 
Must be because they're true.

Another amusing gift from my brother who once gave me a magic wallet

4. "To: Ate Bea B :) From: Ariel B:)"
Hahahaha. Ariel you are so funny!
BTW, this is a pack of microwavable pork. :)

5. As promised, my brother brought home more magic scarves in different colors. These are originally invented in Taiwan where in a single scarf can be transformed into a dress, vest, belt, hood, shirt and a lot more. Some say it could go up to hundreds of styles.  

See the video demo HERE :)

6. For last goodies they got me this comfy shirt from Universal Studios....

7. ..and this almost-large notebook. I feel young again!

Thank you guys!
(I know you are reading this! *wink*)


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