December 29, 2011

Help(ed) CDO

I, along with my friends agreed to collect donations for the victims of Typhoon Sendong which struck the  country and made major landfall on Mindanao last December 16. Officially the deadliest among all cyclones of 2011, the storm left the citizens of CDO, Iligan and more parts of Mindanao empty-handed.

We went from house to another for more donations :)

Then we landed at my dad's!

We decided to put toys too! It's not really impossible to make the kids of CDO smile with these small used toys :)

Our donation box hopped into a tricycle to the streets of Taytay. haha!

Kudos to LBC! Not only to good service but for making the donation shipping free. You say it's the only help you can give, we say it is a truly remarkable offer!

We really really hope that there would be no next time for such calamities. But should typhoons step in again to our borders, may there be more cheerful giving hearts for those who are in need!

Give, and it shall come back to you.
Lk 6:38 


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