January 25, 2012

Reliving Rizal

           January 25, 2012 is now an important date in the UST Calendar as we just celebrated Velada Tomasino, a living tableu of the Philippines during the early 19th century.

Everyone was given a chance to dress as early Filipinos a la Ibarra and Maria Clara. I got so hyped that I lost my hiya (again) upon asking a bunch of people whose costumes caught my eye!

Photo roll ~~

Upon entering the gates of the University, we were greeted by these guardias!


They greet everyone with a lively "Buenos Dias" and yes, no ID was needed for this day.

In between the lovers' lane and plaza mayor were two ginormous tarps which were supposed to be the replicas of the buildings during Rizal's time.

Enough walking already for the tired feet! Thanks to the kalesas, students traveled faster from a building to another.

I kept on taking pictures of people who were getting their photos taken by their friends. In Filipino, I was just a plain epal :)

I stayed at school only for a short while (sobrang init!) but these people already made my day! 

The chubby Samurai. In character the entire day!

The Katipuneros of the Tech Booth



 Le blockmates! :)

Le professor!

My friend who played in the orchestra.....

..more guardias..

and lastly, the real-life friars :)

Awesome day is awesome. 

Happy Neo-Centennial everyone!!



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