July 11, 2012

Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Disclaimer: This is not a food blog. I don't think I'm rich enough to have one. This is a random blog but not too random to contain 'i'm-bored-so-i'll-just-blog' posts.

     I haven't had decent food for a while. Thanks to Ate Marge's intimate birthday dinner, almost-authentic Italian food from A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante was welcomed by my excited tummy ~~

New York Style Pizza 16"

 Hawaiian Pizza 16"

 Plain Nut - Pesto

Oil and Garlic with Hungarian Sausage

 Meatball Parmigiana

Seafood Pasta Parmigiana (favorite!) 

Chicken Wings with Sweet Chili Sauce

Thanks a looot Marjolyn! =)

" Peace in the head, peace in the stomach."
 Jean-Bertrand Aristide


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